The Applications Of Android System

Data indicates that fifty-eight brands and original equipment manufacturers have released the application terminal of Android platform, and other thirty-three factories are going to release the products with Android platform. The Smart phone is the hottest application, and the tablet computer ranks the second. Most factories are studying the tablet computer, and sixty-one percent of them have declaimed that they will release the new products after the fourth quarter of this year.

The communication products, STB and the IP Phone use this platform actively. This system officially enters family when the Google television is created. The price and content of this product is not mature enough, so it is predicated that the shipment of this television will be 13 million in the year of 2014. For the manufacturers in Taiwan, the DMA product is their direction. It is predicated that the IP phone with the Android platform will apply the large screen to meet customers’ demand of network and multimedia.

Android’s support towards the computer has so many topics, such as the hardware resources management, driving program, output and input management. The Android will become the mainstream of iPad-like terminal platform. When it comes to the consumer electronics, the E-Book uses it most. The emerging of colored E-book will drive more E-Books to use this system. Practitioners in telecommunication area are trying to combine the different strength in this area to drive the development of Wholesale Application Community when their independent development is not so successful. The UI design and development of software application in the Android study field must be concerned by the software factories.

The free application always provides the service of navigation, community, weather, music and so on. The service of document and the hardware management should be paid. The software of tool will be less when the Android is increasing. The related integrated circuit is 2SB805.

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